Need your Business Survive During Coronavirus?

Dear Dentist,

Consequently of the COVID19 you will need to adjust your business to digital; further, implement solid marketing and sales are part of solution; addittionally, one strategic marketing plan to attract customers and not die trying.

We recommend go with a professional like us to give a comprehensive strategy because your dental office need to survive during Coronavirus.

Compu IT Marketing is a dental marketing agency to specialize in the area mainly in attracting clients from the USA or CANADA.

Below the emergency plan that meet specific goal.

Monthly Equalising Plan


Generate home work model to Google Suite Business
Generation of new leads and posible customers by online
E-commerce Platform
Online Courses Platform
Experimental Ads
Credit Ads included
Financing plan
Software included
$1890 $1215 / month
  • 1 Month Contract Required
  • Get Extra 30% Discount
  • Level 0: Free Growth Plan Diagnosis
  • Level 1: Creative Strategic Content
  • Level 2: Ads Experimentation
  • Best Ads Possible
  • Platform for Online Courses
  • E-commerce Platform
  • Chatbot Sequence (Basic)

When I See Patients in my Dental Office?

It depends on each project but is determined by customer acquisition cost (CAC), less cost is faster..

Some recover their money from first month but high costs they can take 2 or 3 months onwards.

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